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PROBLZ - $1.66/bar - Save 50%

Want more protein in your protein bar?  Don't like the strawberries in the PRO-HDZ Protein Bar?  Then how about a hint of blueberries instead with 16g of protein!  Of course, with all the same great health benefits as our other protein bars!

AMAZING!  Non-GMO allows you to avoid potential immune system problems that can come from eating genetically modified's never been easier!

NO-NONSENSE!  Gluten free helps you to prevent the brain fog and fatigue that may come from eating gluten filled products...Quickly

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE!  Quality organic ingredients gives you the power to boost your immune system along with a greater antioxidant impact...Fast!

DELIVERS!  Non-Toxic provides you the ability to avoid health complications that occur from ingesting toxic chemicals found in non-organic foods....hallelujah!!

EXCEPTIONAL!  Natural preservatives lets you feel the confident the PRO-BLZ Protein Bar will maintain its freshness during its 6 month shelf life...Effortlessly!

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