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Barz by BellaLuz....all day, everyday.  Ready, Set, Go!  Barz by BellaLuz are healthy, organic protein bars that are sure to satisfy the young and the old. I worked on a handful of recipes and had them tested by my team of taste experts - family and friends. What has come out of it is fulfilling, powerful, and gratifying protein bars jam-packed with beneficial ingredients for the human body. You will not find any "bad" ingredients that many other protein bars have. Barz by BellaLuz are a get-up-and-go, safisfying, powerful, nutty, protein bar that will provide the oomph needed to help you make it thru the day. You can eat it as a morning snack, between meals, pre-workout, post-workout, or anytime you feel the need to satisfy your hunger. Try to eat just one....betcha come back for more.  Plus...FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!  Use discount code 10OFF and get 10% off on all orders over $99!  CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK, BUT MORE COMING SOON!  STAY TUNED!